Celebrating a decade of success and innovation!

10th Anniversary of 
Digital Technology Poland

This month's event

Digitalization together with:

Digitalization COMPASS

Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Automation & Robotics

Industry 4.0 World Class Engineers
& Advanced R&D Center

Software & Hardware

5G Communication
Augmented Reality

Future Technologies Experts

Internet of Things

The first company
on Hannover Messe

Official Fair Opening Ceremony

presented to Chancellor Merkel & Primie Minister Szydlo

"Perfect. Excellent quality, Excellent team, Excellent innovation."

Maximilian Brandl, EPLAN President, to Chancellor Merkel

Entrepreneur of the Year
by Ernst & Young

Company led by

Prof. Janusz C. Szajna

Superior Engineering

Our R&D services cover industrial technology areas from embedded systems enabling measurement, sensor based, and cross-standard data communication applications, through IoT, ICT, and collaborative server and Cloud based services to AI applications in automatic and autonomous processes. Ensuring high standards in delivering services is based on acquiring and retaining expert employees.

Team of Experts

Leading expert design house

We provide industrial software and hardware engineering services. Working close with our customers we deliver solutions that ensure creating cutting edge technology products and systems for cost effective, energy efficient, adaptable and scalable production environments.

Digitalization Compass

Take the right direction of digital transformation with the Digitalization COMPASS.

Your guide to digital transformation


Cloud of Professional People

Are you interested in software development, hardware design, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, robotics or modern technologies?
In Digital Technology Poland you are very welcome!

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