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Computer vision is a field of science that helps computers to interpret and understand the visual world, identify and process images in a similar way to human sight. Computer vision’s capabilities can be compared to assigning human qualities – intelligence and instincts – to computers. In fact, it is a challenging task because computers have to “learn” to interpret what they “see” and then carry out the appropriate analysis and take specific actions.

One of the factors influencing the evolution of computer vision is the amount of data, development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to the consistent growth of these technologies, DTP can implement technologically advanced solutions in your company, which will improve its functioning and give you a competitive advantage.

When you choose the solutions offered by DTP, you gain:

  • Permanent support of experienced consultants and engineers – computer vision-based solutions are quickly and efficiently implemented. Thus, you will save time, which you shall use for further company growth.
  • Access to the latest technologies and advanced solutions used in businesses around the world – DTP specialists constantly monitor market trends and attend numerous conferences and workshops. Computer vision knowledge gained in this way is then used to implement projects.
  • Strategic assistance at every stage of project implementation in the field of computer vision – our experience and knowledge ensure that every project started with us is completed with success.

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