DTP specialize in embedded software and can provide unique solutions on resource-constrained hardware platforms. Whether it is a new or legacy hardware we can help in providing functionally rich and performance optimized software to enable maximizing return on investment.

DTP offers software services for 3rd party hardware, including:
  • Software porting
  • Drivers development and integration
  • Porting layers development
  • Reverse engineering (within legal limits)
  • 3rd party software customization

Hardware tends to turn into legacy because of aging, lack of support, new technical requirements or lack of fancy features. We are experienced in providing both new software and porting existing in-house and 3rd party software onto new hardware platforms. We can ensure reusing existing modules like drivers provided by system-on-chip (SoC) vendors, 3rd party middleware or application modules to minimize time to market and a development cost. We are capable of developing additional modules, such as porting layers, functional extensions supporting new features, and customization items to complement existing solutions.

DTP specializes in challenging cases when a documentation of an existing solution is missing or incomplete. We are able to reverse engineer it when the extra expenses are justified and legal restrictions are not infringed.

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