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In the age of digitalization, cloud computing becomes the new standard for software solutions. Cloud computing makes software applications more scalable, reliable and cost-effective. DTP offers cloud application development compatible with solutions by all major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform).

Technologies we use:

Cloud computing caused a change of approach from traditional software models to web services and internet connected devices that offer full access to services, data and content – anytime, anywhere. With the rise of cloud computing, engineering teams face new challenges regarding cloud-based software development and deployment. Service delivery management, continuous application enhancement and development operations (DevOps) become the most important skills. No matter if it’s about Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS). DTP implements cloud solutions tailored to your business expectations.

We provide:

  • Design and architecture creation, deployment and testing solutions.
  • Management, development and maintenance of existing solutions.
  • Safe and reliable migration of data and applications to cloud infrastructures.

The use and development of cloud solutions involves the costs of maintaining the production and development environment. You can save a lot by optimizing the way you use these resources. DTP specialists, thanks to our experience in this field, can reduce the cost of using the cloud even ten times. Do you want to know how much we can save with you – contact us to discuss the details.

Benefits of cloud solutions:


You use solutions based on the best servers with enormous power and capacity.

Lower costs

You only pay for the services you need and use, eliminating the payment for software licenses.


Your business is constantly evolving and your software keeps up with it.


You have full access to the software, anytime and anywhere.


With cloud services, you can procure services on demand, when you need them.


Cloud solutions are a guarantee of the security of your data.
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