Digital media have found their way into all aspects of modern life and are enjoying broader use every day with an explosive growth of consumer devices connected to Internet and providing an easy access to media anytime and anywhere.

  • Video and Audio processing
  • Consumer devices for digital media
  • Digital TV and Over-the-Top services
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Web media services
  • Content personalisation solutions

In-depth understanding of Audio and Video formats, codecs, containers, and all related technologies, successful projects in AV decoders/encoders implementation on DSP cores, collaboration with major chipset vendors in AV processing in embedded devices.

Experience with consumer devices design, manufacturing and deployment of various devices for digital media consumption – set-top boxes, IPTV devices, media players, cameras, e-readers, tablets, including network and Internet connected devices, with pre-integrated Web services and DRM systems support.

DTP also provides services for content providers, building Web services with digital content, providing solutions for content analysis and personalisation using BigData technologies and integrating customer services with a variety of devices available nowadays.

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