Embedded systems are usually based on System on Chip (SoC) with integrated memory and peripheral interfaces but ordinary microprocessors using external chips for memory and peripheral interface circuits are also widely used.

We can distinguish two main areas of expertise for embedded systems:

  • Embedded hardware design including digital and analogue system design, RF hardware design and PCB design.
  • Embedded software development including high speed data processing, wireless communication and hardware drivers design.

DTP engineers provide engineering expertise in the following key areas of embedded devices:

  • Deep hardware knowledge:
    • Digital and Analogue system design
    • RF hardware Design
    • Wireless communication
    • PCB Design and industrialization
    • Low power system design
  • Essential software knowledge for:
    • High Speed data reception
    • High Speed data real-time processing
    • Wireless communication
    • Networking protocols
    • Hardware drivers design and development
    • Graphic accelerators
    • Software image configuration, bootstrapping and debugging (JTAG, Soft JTAG, proprietary on chip)
    • Multiprocessing, multithreading and parallelization
    • Digital TV devices

Types of processor used in embedded systems as a separate chip or part of SoC is ranging from general purpose (AVR, PIC, Cortex, …) to very specialized in certain class of computations (DSP), or even custom designed for the given application (FPGA).

DTP engineers have a strong, industry proven, long-term experience in developing embedded devices. These include:


  • Programming languages
    • C / C++
    • Assembly
  • Platforms
    • Embedded Linux
    • Real-time OSes
  • Architectures / System on chip
    • ARM, AVR
    • DSP
    • FPGA

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