DTP Team runs and helps – Poland Business Run 2023

On Sunday, September 3, Digital Technology Poland once again joined this fantastic charity run to support individuals with motor disabilities and those who undergone mastectomies.
This marked the 12th edition of the competition, setting a new record for the number of participants.

The Poland Business Run is an annual event that brings together businesses from various sectors to participate in a relay race. However, it is more than just an ordinary run; it is about unity, community, and making a positive impact. DTP Team was running not only for the thrill but also to support an important charitable cause. Together with 36,445 runners from more than 1,500 companies involved, DTP contributed to helping at least 100 people.

Some of the Poland Business Run participants engaged in a traditional relay competition against others, while some ran using the app and could be found on popular running paths throughout Sunday. Each competitor had to run 4 km on a route of their choice.

The funds raised through the run are donated to organizations that provide support to individuals with disabilities, making a real difference in their lives.
DTP is proud of the team members who represented the company in such a noble initiative. We had a lot of fun and found great satisfaction in knowing that we could help and make someone’s dream come true.

It is so great to be part of this community and we look forward to participating again next year!



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