21 June 2021

Wire Label Reader speeds up control cabinet assembly from 25 to 82%!


The digitalization of production environment is one of the hottest topics in the computer science departments at universities and companies. Andrew Szajna (Chief Digital Officer, DTP) together with a team consisting of DTP experts and scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Zielona Góra, published a scientific paper in the Energies Magazine titled “Application of the Deep CNN-based Method in Industrial System for Wire Markings Identification”, concerning the method and device they invented to support wire assembly in the control cabinet manufacturing process – the Wire Label Reader (WLR) industrial system. The paper describes the methodology and construction of the device and shows the advantages and challenges of using WLR. It also analyses the impact of the WLR on time and energy consumption in the assembly process. The results show that the Wire Label Reader can speed up the cable assembly process from 25 to 82%!



The Wire Label Reader system, thanks to the use of the latest IT technologies, machine learning, image recognition and deep neural networks, allows for extremely accurate cable analysis and a recognition efficiency up to 99.7%. This means that out of about 300 cables needed to produce a control cabinet, a maximum of 1 will go unrecognised.

An undoubted further benefit of using a Wire Label Reader can be the comfort of the operator. Using the WLR results in less fatigue and eye protection for workers. This in turn means greater productivity and job satisfaction.

This paper focus on in-depth description of the methodology hidden under this device, its construction and foremostly the assembly industrial processes, in case of which this device is implemented.

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