The Final Round of Algorithmic Contest completed!

It was a great event which gathered talented programmers and people with passion! TOP 20 out of 1190 participants, who took part in the contest, met in Zielona Góra on the 4th of February. The Finals started at 10:00 on Saturday and finished after 5 hours of intense mental effort! The winner has been announced the same day during the official Gala Ceremony. Marcin Smulewicz became the Algorithmic Champion of 2022! Antoni Buraczewski was ranked second and Wojciech Nadara third.

Digital Technology Poland was the official host this year, co-organizing this event with the University of Warsaw and the Foundation for Information Technology Development. This algorithmic programming contest has a long tradition. The first competition was organised in 2005 by Professor Krzysztof Diks from the University of Warsaw in the cooperation with Professor Janusz Szajna DTP’s President & CEO.

It was already the 18th edition and again showed that coding is passion and a lot of fun! Although the tasks are always very challenging, the level of the contest this year got even higher. Before the participants got to the final round, they competed in a series of very complex algorithmic tasks online. They spent hours on intensive thinking, trying to develop the best program that solved the contest problem. The battle was very challenging and very exciting in the same time.

Many additional attractions accompanied this event. We kicked off the event already on Friday with a very inspiring presentation on GNC systems by Tomasz Czajka, who worked for SpaceX and was involved in the Falcon Heavy’s launch in 2018! There was no end to the Q&A session.

What is more, the contest itself could be followed live during the Final. If you wished to feel the atmosphere of the contest or observe the methods which the programmers used while coding and solving the tasks, it was possible to watch the live streaming from the event the whole day on Saturday.

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the 1190 contestants for taking up the algorithmic challenge and participating in this very exciting competition. See you next year in Zielona Góra!



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